Writing Critical Analysis Papers

Examine how good is his or her research, how coherent is the entire work, and how the overall structure serves the author’s purpose.

You need to write every point as a separate paragraph, no matter what exactly you decide to write about.

To analyze the structure of the work, identify its main ideas.

For example, in academic essay, main ideas are usually written in first sentences of each paragraph.

If the whole work is based on some concept that you know nothing about, we suggest looking for other articles that describe it.

This will also allow you to better understand the general context of the main work.

You need to analyze it while reading, and we suggest starting with the author’s thesis.

If you’re writing about an academic article, it may be easy to understand what its thesis statement is, however, you will need to determine it in case of any other subject, including movies, pictures, or fiction stories.

You can also analyze the strongest sides of the piece you’re writing about.

Sometimes your critical analysis may benefit from evaluating the author’s overall ability to make a point.


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