What Does Double Spacing In Essays Mean

How you format your spacing depends on the word processing program you are using.

Double space your work by setting up the right parameters for either an entire document or a selected amount of text.

It makes your essay easier to read and allows the person marking it to write comments in between the lines at specific points. In the INDENTS AND SPACING tab, look at the 2nd layer, laybelled SPACING and where it says LINE SPACING underneath in the drop down it will say SINGLE, click on this and chainge it to DOUBLE. xxx encase you dont know how to do it, i thourt i'd tell you.

To do it in microsoft you need to select your text, then go to format, then paragraph, then click on the spacing tab and select double spacing from the drop down menu.

Line spacing is the vertical gap between each line in your document.

This is why double spacing is favoured by most universities: It’s much easier for markers to read a large number of essays in a short period of time when they’re double-spaced and feedback can be left in the larger gaps between lines.

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Double spacing makes a text document feel more open and is typically easier to read.

High school and college students especially like it because it can instantly turn a 5 page paper into a 10 page paper.


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