What Does A Reference List Look Like For An Essay

This heading may be used in more substantial publications (e.g.

In academic writing at all levels, referencing is crucial.

Beyond covering yourself, though, there are a couple of other reasons why you should practise good citation habits.

Specifically, these have to do with your development as a scholar and your participation in the collective creation of knowledge: In short, you may not have much of a choice.

Most parenthetical referencing systems use an "author-date" format.

The parenthetical reference includes the author's surname and the year of publication (or just the year of publication if the author's name is clear from the context).You need to provide a reference to any work done by others that you've incorporated into your own work.This does not just refer to direct quotations but also to paraphrases, data, and even broad "schools of thought", or ways of thinking about a topic. book, journal article, DVD, report, web document etc.) in enough details so that others can locate and consult it.The general layout for a Reference List is outlined below: References or bibliography usually appear at the end of your article, essay or document. References – a list of all the references you cited in your essay, report or document. Bibliography – most commonly refers to a list containing the sources used in developing a publication and any other sources the author considers might be of use or interests to readers, or including all the sources you read (but not cited) in preparing the article/essay/document.So you might see, for example; Scholars often complain that there are "far too many referencing styles for the young scholar to keep track of" (Smith 2012, p.6) or Smith argues that "There are far too many referencing styles for the young scholar to keep track of" (2012, p. The year is always the first piece of information after the author's name in the reference list to allow you to quickly and easily match up a parenthetical reference with a bibliographic entry.If you're lucky your university will let you choose between their preferred styles of parenthetical referencing and footnote referencing (for Arts or Humanities subjects) or their preferred parenthetical and numerical styles (for Sciences or Social Sciences).If you do get a choice, read the “usage” sections for each referencing type below, and ask yourself the following questions: If you're referencing a dissertation, you're likely to have many tens if not hundreds of sources.Knowing how to reference your dissertation correctly will not only give your work the academic finish it needs to pass, but will also support your ideas and arguments so that the person marking it has a clear understanding of your level of knowledge and research on the topic.In this article, we’ll occasionally use the term ‘scholarly referencing’ – which quite simply means the style of referencing used in the world of academia (as opposed to the references you may include at the end of your CV, for example).


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