Water Consumption Essay

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The responsibility for cutting back on water consumption shouldn't just lie with consumers, of course.

For people to be able to make informed decisions about which options to choose, businesses need to be transparent about their processes, and governments more forward-thinking when it comes to regulation.

In fact, what is more effective is using a wide water spray rather than heavy water volume which of course can be achieved through the use of a shower head.

Fitting a water-saving showerhead to your tap will still give you enough water and spray to clean effectively, meaning you use less water even when washing the tough stuff. A peek into any bathroom in Australia provides a handy water-saving tip from the inhabitants of the driest continent on the planet - place a bucket in the shower.

Measuring water footprints can give us a clear picture of how water is used in today's society, and help us come up with strategies for more sustainable water usage.

The Water Footprint Network website offers an online calculator which estimates your personal water footprint, based on your country of residence and your patterns of consumption: You can check out the quick individual water footprint calculator and the extended individual water footprint calculator here.These buckets are placed under the showerhead to catch all that excess water that normally goes down the drain while you wait for the water to heat up. Generally speaking, all that water that trickles down the drain after you use it can actually be a boon for the garden.Commonly referred to as wastewater (or blackwater and greywater), leftover water from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry is mixed with detergents, oil and dirt and is generally not appropriate for use in the garden in its waste form.However, with proper filtering and treatment it can be highly beneficial for crops. natural items such as lemon, tea tree oil, baking soda and vinegar) as well as phosphate-free detergents also helps to reduce water consumption and is less harmful to the environment.Treehugger has some resources here on how to reuse greywater in your home and garden. Using them to clean uses less water than chemically-laden alternatives.water footprint, there are a number of different approaches you can take.The food we eat makes up a huge part of our personal water footprints, and implementing some of these changes could have knock-on benefits for your health too. Beef is one of the most water-intensive proteins, needing 15,000 litres of water per kg, followed by red meats in general.While this indirect water is "invisible", we often use far more of it than we realise.In Europe, for example, the average person consumes anywhere between 1,500 and 10,000 litres of per day, depending on where they live and their consumption habits.Using such pedals helps reduce water consumption by as much as 50 percent. Installing a shower head on your tap might sound a bit strange, but trust us on this one.It is a common misconception that high-pressure, high-volume water is needed to clean tough dirt and grease from dishes.


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