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The same year Virginia was born, for instance, her father began editing the huge .Virginia's mother, more delicate than her husband, helped to bring out the more emotional sides of her children.

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Woolf was the stable presence Virginia needed to control her moods and steady her talent. Virginia fell ill more frequently as she grew older, often taking respite in rest homes and in the care of her husband.

In 1917, Leonard founded the Hogarth Press to publish their own books, hoping that Virginia could bestow the care on the press that she would have bestowed on children.

When she recovered, Virginia left Kensington with her three siblings and moved to Bloomsbury, where she began to consider herself a serious artist. Forster and Lytton Strachey, later formed what was known as the Bloomsbury Group, under the Cambridge don G. In 1906, Thoby died of typhoid fever and Virginia's sister married one of Thoby's college friends, Clive Bell. Over the next four years, Virginia would begin work on her first novel, (1915).

She immersed herself in the intellectual company of her brother Thoby and his Cambridge friends. In 1909, she accepted a marriage proposal from Strachey, who later broke off the engagement.

The plot is generated by the characters' inner lives, rather than by the external world.

In March 1941, Woolf left suicide notes for her husband and sister and drowned herself in a nearby river.In the last year of her life, Virginia wrote to a friend regarding the shame she felt when, at the age of six, George fondled her.Similar incidents recurred throughout her childhood until Virginia was in her early twenties.Her admiration for strong women was coupled with a growing dislike for male domination in society.Virginia's feelings were likely affected by her relationship to her stepbrother, George Duckworth, who was fourteen when Virginia was born.She feared her madness was returning and that she would not be able to continue writing, and she wished to spare her loved ones.Over the course of her many illnesses, however, Woolf had remained productive.In all likelihood, the compulsive drive to work that she acquired from her parents, combined with her naturally fragile state, primarily contributed to these breakdowns. Her first breakdown occurred shortly following the death of her mother in 1895, which Virginia later described as "the greatest disaster that could have happened." Some have suggested that Virginia felt guilt over choosing her father as her favorite parent.In any case, her father's excessive mourning period probably affected her adversely.She received a legacy of 2,500 pounds the same year, which would allow her to live independently.In 1911, Leonard Woolf, another of the Bloomsbury Group, returned from Ceylon, and they were married in 1912. Their marriage was a partnership, though some suggest their sexual relationship was nonexistent.


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