Usuhs Master Thesis

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Other recommended courses include PMO548-Joint Medical Operations and Humanitarian Assistance, PMO561-Medical Parasitology, and PMO564-Epidemiology and Control of Arboviruses.

The Division of Tropical Public Health offers a Ph. program in Medical Zoology for students with a master's degree in entomology or parasitology who wish to pursue further study in field-oriented medical parasitology or vector biology.

Students completing the Tropical Public Health concentration will acquire an understanding of the ecology, epidemiology, clinical aspects, and prevention of tropical diseases.

Specific competencies for the Tropical Public Health Concentration within the MPH Program: Courses offered by the Division of Tropical Public Health include: PMO560 Principles & Practice of Tropical Medicine PMO561 Medical Parasitology PMO563 Clinical Tropical Medicine PMO564 Epidemiology and Control of Arboviruses PMO565 Vector Biology PMO566 Physiological Parameters of Vector Competence PMO567 Changing Patterns of Arthropod-borne Diseases PMO568 Medical Archaeology PMO569 Malaria Epidemiology and Control PMO570 Modern Technology and Vector-borne Disease PMO571 Biosystematics in Medical Zoology PMO573 Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-preventable Diseases PMO577 Introduction to GIS in Public Health PMO578 Remote Sensing Methods in Public Health PMO613 Public Health Issues of Disasters in Developing Countries PMO614 Tropical Medicine Rounds PMO615 Sand Flies and Disease PMO661 Current Topics in Preventive Medicine & Biometrics PMO760 Tropical Medicine Research Tutorial PMO761 Immunoparasitology Tutorial PMO763 Tutorial in Medical Zoology PMO764 Tutorial in Aquatic Biology PMO990 Travel Medicine PMO992 Travel Clinic Practicum Recommended coursework for the Tropical Public Health Concentration includes PMO565-Vector Biology, PMO512-Epidemiology II, PMO560-Principles and Practices of Tropical Medicine, PMO569-Malaria Epidemiology and Control, and PMO613-Public Health Issues of Disasters in Developing Countries.

Graduates will acquire an in-depth knowledge of the agents of tropical diseases, medical parasitology, and vector biology.

During the required overseas rotation they will have the opportunity for hands-on experience with the epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis, management, treatment, prevention, surveillance, and control of selected tropical diseases.

Full-time status for trainees in graduate education programs will be defined as 12 or more credit hours per academic quarter. degree program provides a broad didactic and research experience in Medical Zoology and its principal subspecialties, and is primarily designed for individuals interested in Medical Parasitology or Vector Biology (Medical Entomology). This program is designed for outstanding students with a strong commitment to careers in Medical Zoology. A series of core courses will be required of all students in the Ph. In addition, courses offered in Medical Parasitology include experimental parasitology, helminthology and protozoology.

The minimum requirement for formal course work will be 48 credit hours, and the minimum requirement for total academic credit will be 144 credit hours. Electives offered in Medical Entomology include modern technology, medical entomology, physiology, arbovirology, biosystematics, malariology, medical acarology and aquatic entomology.

The MTM&H degree program, a broad didactic experience similar to the MPH degree program, is designed for medical officers preparing for assignment to tropical medicine clinical, research and teaching positions.

The MTM&H degree provides academic preparation for residency training and board certification in General Preventive Medicine.


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