Uc College Application Essay Prompt 2013

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Admissions offers are made to the applicants within the constraints of the campus’s enrollment goals.

Students who did not report completing the required test pattern (the ACT Plus Writing or the SAT with Essay) by the December 2018 sitting would be denied admission.

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At the transfer level, we give the highest priority for admission to junior-level California community college students who present a well-planned course of study, including coursework for their intended major and a competitive grade point average.

If you decide to enroll at a California community college, we urge you to contact the Transfer Center or Counseling Department at that college for assistance in planning a course of study that will lead to successful transfer.Grade-point average and test scores account for approximately half of the score a reader determines.Scoring is in accordance with guidelines issued by UCSC faculty.If I was not selected for admission, may I appeal the decision?UC Santa Cruz does not set aside space in our class for students who appeal admissions decisions.Applicants are being selected following an extensive review process that evaluates the applicants' academic achievement, accomplishments, and other information contained in their undergraduate application.Applications are reviewed for UC qualifications, completion of required college preparatory coursework ('a-g' pattern of courses), required test scores, and demonstrated academic and non-academic achievements.UCSC does use both official and self-reported test scores when reviewing first-year applicants.In addition to the selection criteria noted above, if an applicant had notified our campus of receiving a grade of D or F in any 'a-g' course in their senior year, that student would not have been selected for admission by UC Santa Cruz.Being placed on the waitlist does not guarantee admission to UC Santa Cruz.For more information on the fall 2019 waitlist process, please see the UCSC Waitlist FAQ.


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