Truancy Problem In School Essay

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A number of interventions including: court based, school-based and community based interventions have found application in addressing the issue.However, the application of these various programs has yielded different results.Community success in preventing truancy has further put in place a comprehensive approach that emphasizes on sanctions and incentives for parents and the concerned truants.

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There can never be a better influence that that which the parent commands in making sure that the child attends school daily.

The parent plays a good role in educating the child on how education is used to define the future.

Accurate tracking of the attendance of the students has not been found the most efficacious way of dealing with truancy.

Parents should take part actively in all activities of preventing truancy.

The community and the school districts must communicate to their learners that there is zero tolerance for truancy.

It has been found out by legislatures of the State that truancy can be reduced through linking grades of the student.Therefore, families as the basic units in the community must propagate mutual communication and trust with schools.This helps in providing intensive counseling, monitoring and other services that strengthen families and truants.Being friendly to the family can thus help schools fight truancy.Making regular contacts between parents and teachers is a prudent measure in dealing with truancy.Thus, any decisions made involve the active participation of a wide variety of the community members: educators, parents, Judges of the family and juvenile courts as well as religious organizations, social service and community representatives.The community based program puts together all forces which are concerned with the welfare of the society.A community based program creates a very significant incentive for parental responsibility.Thus, communities should establish the best approach of creating such incentives hence ensuring that the children attend school without failure.This could even make such parents lose the right to assistance meant for the public.This has taken place in States like Oklahoma and Maryland.


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