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In 1791, the new American nation signed a treaty with the Cherokees with the goal of leading them to “a greater degree of civilization.” The main way of achieving this was for Cherokee men to give up hunting and become farmers, which had been the traditional role of women.

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After the revolution, many Americans considered the Cherokees a conquered people and forced them to give up thousands of square miles of hunting grounds.

Suddenly, the traditional ways and even survival of the Cherokee tribe were threatened.

Appellate Court Experience Civil Conversation and Civic Role Play Cops & Kids California Teachers Civic Action Project Courtroom to Classroom Expanding Horizons Internships Mock Trial Southern Calif. The council discussed important matters such as going to war against an enemy tribe.

Each town had a council, usually made up of a religious leader and elders.

Instead, he concluded that they and all the Indian tribes were sovereign nations.

He believed they eventually would have to give up their lands to the inevitable tide of white settlement, but only voluntarily through negotiated treaties.The idea of removing Native American tribes from the East to the West began with President Thomas Jefferson after the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.But only a few Cherokees and members of other Southeastern tribes agreed to relocate. government promised to acquire the Cherokee heartland and turn it over to the state for white settlement.In 1828, the Cherokee Phoenix, the first Native American newspaper, began publishing in both Cherokee and English.Also by 1828, the Cherokees had adopted a constitution modeled on the American one.By the 1820s, most Cherokees were living in family log cabins, cultivating fields on tribal land. A few borrowed from Southern whites the idea of establishing large cotton plantations complete with a mansion and black slaves.The Cherokees also welcomed white Christian missionaries to set up schools to teach English and agricultural skills.Pressure for relocation grew in Georgia after it gave up its land claims to the west. But by the 1830s, land-hungry Georgians looked with alarm at the “civilized” Cherokees.Most of them were successfully adopting American ways and showing every sign that they meant to stay on their land.Many Americans believed that the Cherokees as allies of the British had forfeited all rights to their land.Henry Knox, President George Washington’s secretary of war, disagreed.


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