Tolkien Essay On Fairy Stories

And that seems to me a perfectly reasonable use of the raw material Flieger and Anderson have painstakingly provided.For a book of its length and a topic of its complexity, the defects of are few and small, but it does have some.

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Anderson’s will find a larger audience than I have reason to expect, because the book is a treasure trove, and one not to be hoarded, but shared.

Thus, a more complete picture of the evolution of the essay begins to emerge.

I should clarify that the Douglas letters are referred to in the survives (references to the essay in Tolkien’s published letters are scant, and they mostly cluster around times he was known to be revising it for print); therefore, it is only these contemporary accounts which make possible some reconstruction of the contents of (and omissions from) the original .

We might therefore expect a variorum edition, with detailed discussion of the textual history of the essay, copious notes and commentary, contemporary reports, and two bibliographies to be read even so by everybody else.

Tolkien, it should go without saying that “On Fairy-Stories” is one of his most important works, yet one of the least read outside of scholarly circles.


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