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Now, we will work directly with people whose backgrounds are completely different from ours.We must be tolerant of these differences as they must be tolerant of us if we are to live and work together amiably.We cannot stop speaking to people or start a war just because there is a difference in opinion.

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" She calls me her "walking, talking dictionary." She has a great sense of humor. "A beautiful person speaks from the heart and has a positive attitude and strong feelings. the night before April Fool’s Day, and my friend Sophie and I are pulling one of our usual pranks.

Stand up for your rights and be proud that you’re one of the many beautiful girls in this world." -Lily Gonzalez, Beautiful Girl Her densely freckled nose wrinkles mischievously. Sophie doesn’t conform to what others think she should be. Some kids try to put each other into imaginary boxes, but my sister, Elaise (also known as Lacie), doesn’t play those games.

Never one to back down and let others run the show, Sophie speaks her mind and voices her opinions. "My goal is to invent something to help our environment."-- Sophie Vizza Hines Geek. Our mom is a music teacher and always encourages us.

Once when she was skateboarding in the park, five high-school guys remarked, "Girls can’t skateboard! At our grandparents’ 5oth anniversary, in front of hundreds of people, Lacie stole the microphone from me!

The most beautiful girl I know is my best friend in the whole wide world.

She’s the best person to hang out with because she knows how to make you laugh no matter what the circumstances are. She gets teased because she is one of the shortest people in our grade, but she doesn’t let anyone get to her.

I didn’t resist because she was only 4 and very cute.

We like finding new ways to be creative and sharing these experiences keeps us very busy!

We’ve done plays and musical puppet shows, complete with homemade theaters and puppets.

We’ve performed vocal and instrumental solos and duets at church, schools, and the local Moose lodge.


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