To Kill A Mockingbird Symbolism Essay

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Mayella’s father Bob (James Anderson) sees, beats her up, and accuses Robinson of rape.Given the time and place of the film’s setting, Robinson is persecuted for the crime despite the defense by Atticus Finch proving the truth of the matter., you will be writing an essay on one aspect of the novel.

Like Boo Radley, Robinson is an innocent who wasn’t protected or respected.

He is a mockingbird that was killed when his only intent was to spread joy to others.

Boo was ruined by his father and unable to function as a regular member of society.

Tom was accused of a crime he didn’t do and convicted by people unwilling to face reality, resulting in his death.

Despite all that has happened to him, he crosses the boundary of fear and prejudice to rescue Jem and Scout when they are attacked.

Atticus and the town sheriff cover up Boo’s heroics by maintaining the children’s attacker died accidentally, so as to not draw attention to Boo and upset his reclusive lifestyle. Scout, having grown aware of the realities of prejudice and hatred over the course of the film’s events, says exposing him to the world would be like killing a mockingbird, circling back to her father’s previous conversation and tying up the theme.

Scout and Jem can be identified as mockingbirds in the symbolic sense, as their innocence is lost throughout the course of the film’s narrative, effectively killing the naivety they carried as children.

Scout becomes a literal scout on a quest for understanding, gaining an appreciation of the moral lessons bestowed upon her by Atticus through the events of the film.

His death comes from a place of unfounded fear and brutality issued upon him simply because he, like Boo, is an easy target.

Teach With Movies writes, “The two main plots curl around each other and end with the same moral, the innocent must be protected.


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