Thesis Statement On Christianity

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Apart from these matters, each and every Church has the responsibility of interpreting the Scriptures for each individual person and situation.

There are unique characteristics in every situation that is brought to a Church's attention by a Congregation member.

Please keep that in mind when you make your comments about them." "But, Lord, they do everything wrong! They have come to understand Scripture slightly differently than you do.

Whether people think their methods and beliefs are slightly better than your or inferior to yours is not important to Me.

Virtually all Churches have fallen into having dogmatic, universal positions on a large number of subjects. It is far easier to teach compliance with Christian ethics when there is a firm and fixed set of stated rules in which to live. There are always unusual and unique situations where the rule must be put aside.

If Christians in general thought that there was flexibility in those rules, many would tend to try to bend more of the rules, by the influence of their sinful natures, and then to try to rationalize their sinful actions on the basis of flexible rules. Absolute rigidity in applying dogmatic rules of living is inappropriate in such situations. In His many interactions with individuals, Jesus always demonstrated a personal attention to the malady or affliction or personal situation or disaster of that specific person, and He then always supplied a unique response for that particular situation.

My hypothetical conversation above is just to try to remind us of some bigger truths than we sometimes get mired in.

It is also presented to suggest the sort of introspection we should apply to our Faith when faced with matters that are not clearly addressed in Scripture.) It is suspected that fewer mean-spirited or hateful things would be spoken or thought about other Christian belief systems.

Regarding most other matters, particularly matters that are not obviously addressed by Scripture, they should not. On these matters, a Church should allow or tolerate no variation or modification from their stated beliefs.

Most Churches have a Statement of Faith which enumerates these core beliefs, or they have an official position of following certain Creeds and / or Confessions or the results of certain Church Councils.


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