Thesis Qualitative Research

Veronika suggests that students consider the theoretical underpinning to their own research at the earliest stages.You can read an article about why theories are useful in qualitative research here.

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Be open to considering there are alternative ways to generate and understand knowledge.

2) Reflect on your role Quantitative research strives to produce “clean” data unbiased by the context in which it was generated.

4) Think about depth rather than breadth Qualitative research is all about developing a deep and insightful understanding of the phenomenon/ concept you are studying.

Be realistic about what you can achieve given the time constraints of an MSc.

This enriches their understanding and allows emerging theories to be explored.

6) Move beyond the descriptive When analysing interviews, for example, it can be tempting to think that having coded your transcripts you are nearly there. You need to move beyond the descriptive codes to conceptual themes and theoretical thinking in order to produce a high-quality thesis.

Doing qualitative research requires you to adopt a different way of seeing and interpreting the world around you.

Veronika asks her students to reflect on positivist and interpretivist approaches: If you come from a scientific or medical background, positivism is often the unacknowledged status quo.

Not only do these add to your audit trail, these entries will help contribute to your first draft and the process of moving towards theoretical thinking.

Qualitative researchers move back and forward between their dataset and manuscript as their ideas develop.


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