Thesis Change Management

By communicating with employees and setting a reward or pay-based goal, employees will have something to work toward that will benefit them.Leaders can also react appropriately to critical situations.As one commentary explains, “Change is not only desirable but inevitable if we are to thrive in our practices.

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Used correctly, these innovative methods provide mechanisms which can help any companyundergoing change to improve the way in which it manages that change.

Affective change management is controlled by the success of its leader.

The research focuses, in particular, on best practice benchmarking, critical success factors forchange, the role of corporate culture, understanding learning organisations and how to sustainchange.

Based on these research areas, two major developments are proposed to help organisations tomanage change more effectively.

Although leaders aren’t always the CEO, they can be the manager, or a spokesperson that has the ability to make changes that will benefit all that is involved.

Although changes are not always surprising, a Leader needs to be ready for change at any time.

Its successful implementation in a number of differentapplications and levels, as demonstrated in the research, suggests that it could providesignificant benefits to any organisation undergoing change.

The second method focuses on sustaining long term successful change management, throughmore effective capture, sharing and transfer of knowledge within a company. A corporate learning framework, based on best practice, is proposed as away forward for organisations to ensure that a holistic approach is taken when implementingcorporate learning.

Being able to act calm under sticky situations shows employees that there is someone in control.

A leader must be able to overcome resistance to change.


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