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Thankfully, Newspaper has implemented a modern, intelligent ad system.Now, every ad location has a specific box where you can insert codes.

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However, it takes a lot of effort to publish a well-researched list.

Newspaper makes time by implementing a smart list system which can automatically create top-quality lists.

For Google Ad Sense, it automatically searches for the corresponding banner size.

Newspaper comes with 18 ad locations that apply globally and will help you maximize your revenue stream.

However, if you are from 3rd world countries (not going to name them) then this option won’t be for you because you are not going to get approved unless your website actually gets thousands or even millions of visitors a day.

Ad Sense and SEO go hand in hand and you can get much higher CPC from organic traffic that comes from Google than from social or direct traffic.Adsense optimization is a great way to boost your click-through rate, by engineering little details which really make a difference.Several companies have been working hard to deliver Word Press themes which they optimize to boost your click-through rate.Blog Her, Sovrn, Gourmet Ads, Q1Media are just a few that work similarly to Ad Sense.The basic setup goes like this: You might be tempted to use a plugin for Google Ad Sense once you receive your acceptance.We use it for colorlib as well but it is not our main income because developers are not the ones who like to click on ads.If you have just started or are looking to monetize it, I highly recommend using Ad Sense.I kept out spammy looking themes that are built to trick people to click on ads and left those that are well designed with great user experience and with a good codebase. Most users don’t want to change a theme in order to maximize their Ad Sense revenue.Therefore, here is a list of best Word Press plugins for Ad Sense ad management on your website.If you are searching for an excellent Word Press Ad Sense theme, then choose Newspaper.This product specializes in generating revenue for its owners by increasing the site’s popularity.


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