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As they feasted on whatever they could find, they transformed their stories of hardship into ones of good fortune.

As they feasted on whatever they could find, they transformed their stories of hardship into ones of good fortune.

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For a long time now the woman had wanted to give her daughter the single swan feather and tell her, 'This feather may look worthless, but it comes from afar and carries with it all my good intentions.' And she waited, year after year, until she could tell her daughter this in perfect American English." —Amy Tan, from Suyuan Woo Suyuan's story is told through her daughter.

She was forced to leave her twin babies on the road in China while fleeing the Japanese invasion. S., An-mei questions her faith when her youngest son drowns.

These four mothers hope the mix of "American circumstances with Chinese character" will give their daughters better lives.

In each section of the novel, June recounts her late mother's fantastic tales on evenings after "every bowl had been washed and the Formica table had been wiped down twice." Every time Suyuan tells her daughter about Kweilin, she invents a new ending.

Tan followed him to San Jose, California, where she later earned an MA in linguistics in 1973.

While Tan was a doctoral student at the University of California, Berkeley, her best friend was murdered.All four sections open with a Chinese fable, then shift to the stories of four pairs of mothers and daughters.The tone switches from mundane to magical to darkly humorous.She was forced to leave behind her three daughters.Tan's father, John, a Baptist minister and electrical engineer, also fled the civil war in China.A neurosurgeon gave no explanation other than bad luck.This twin tragedy spurred Daisy Tan to hoist anchor and move the family to Switzerland.Her mother's best friends—June's "aunties"—invite June to take Suyuan's place at their mah jong table so she can sit at the East, "where everything begins." Suyuan Woo had invented the original Joy Luck Club in China, before the Japanese invaded the city of Kweilin.They had used the group to help shield themselves from the harshness of war.Waverly Jong A chess champion as a child, Waverly grows up to become a successful tax attorney.She worries about her mother's opinion of her white fiancé. Clair Generous Lena shares her mother's powers of intuition but remains powerless to act on them.


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