The Big Sleep Raymond Chandler Essay

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In the novel it is questionable how lawfully moral he actually is, concerning the situation of turning Carmen into the police for killing Sean Regan.

This aspect of Marlowe's character added yet another difficult task of formatting The Big Sleep to the big screen-the question of how the audience (media) might react to such a personality trait was now placed before the writing staff (IE production codes).

He had then either been killed by person or persons unknown, or had committed suicide. as a result, Marlowe ends up tracking Brody back to his apartment where he and Agnes have been conspiring.

Marlowe shakes them down, discovering in the process that the pictures in question are in Brody's possession, and that Brody has already used them to blackmail Vivian, Carmen's sister. They are initially interrupted by a drugged, gun toting Carmen, demanding the return of her pictures. Marlowe is on the verge of recovering the pictures himself when a man called Carol Lundgren, who turns out to be Geiger's bereaved homosexual lover, storms the apartment and murders Brody in the mistaken belief that he was Geiger's killer.

Both Lundgren and Agnes are arrested, with Agnes subsequently released.

Marlowe obtains possession of the pictures and renders them safe. He suspects that the absent Rusty Regan may have been involved in the blackmail.

The revolutionary trail blazed by also extended to a jazzier, distinctly American vernacular that stood in lively opposition to the staid prose which explained how Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple and other British detectives went out getting their man.

And on that topic, perhaps the most radical departure from the conventions of those British detective novels that Chandler dismissed as painfully unrealistic is the fact that comes to a close without Marlow having made sure all the bad guys get punished.

Everything changed with 1939’s publication of also revolutionized the popularity of long-form murder mysteries.

As a result, was greeted with a level of praise normally reserved for the latest from William Faulkner or John Steinbeck.


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