Steps In Writing Term Paper

Every term paper is built up around a specific question to be answered or a problem to be solved.Formulating these from a huge corpus of topics needs some guidance, such as using catchwords to organize the input: – Timescale – Geography – Institution – Level of consideration – Group of people – Connecting/compare/contrast aspects – …When writing the term paper in the course of a seminar and/or lecture, the group of themes is usually prescribed.

Get started by choosing at least two academic questions, which should appear in your universities’s library or online.

Talk to your lecturer whether your choices are appropriate and construct the first outline for your paper. The content of this text is quite similar to the introduction.

This can either be done hierarchically or by looking at each aspect separately.

While doing so, compare or contrast the theories discussed.

(Please note that this article is aimed at term papers written for German universities and colleges.

The requirements at English faculties differ considerably!

Index Following the mere text, all the material (literature, tables, pictures, maps, transcripts, etc.) used in your research is displayed in this part of the term paper.

Don’t forget to add certificates from other parts of the module and – most important – the plagiarism statement.

After skimming the literature, the methods and goal of research should be determined.

Working with the literature You can already start writing out possible quotes from your literature while skimming it. Term papers written in natural sciences usually entail self-performed collections of data.


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