Sony Corporation Case Study

They were usedas zone controllers for segregation of the building into smaller, modular, and more manageable zones.

The R&D facility of Sony Corporation at Sony City Osaki is equipped with a wide range of energy-saving features that ensure an outstanding environmental performance.We really pushed the limits of the module to have the most compelling look while following brand DNA.The same module is also used to run monthly Sony World Photography Award competitions which add around 2000-4000 photo submissions per month from users in 15 countries. With 7,126,596 searches per month and 6,745 posts for 1,441 new topics, the community is thriving. We have seen top line sales of about €33MM, of which about €2MM comes from online sales.A centralized SCADA server collates all the data into a single user interface.As the NBIS system is Web-browser based, the system can be viewed from any browser enabled device.We aspired to provide a platform where our huge fan base of photo enthusiasts could share their content in galleries to participate in monthly photo competitions.In doing so, we could help them increase their photography skills by providing workshops and tutorials as well as our excellent master classes moderated by Sony World Photography Awards winners.Play Station 2 and Play Station 3 that followed in later years were equally successful for above reasons.Similarly, VIAO branded laptops and Bravia television sets were hugely successful in their respective computer and television markets despite being offered in much higer prices compared to most other brands.Sony Corporation is an international electronics and media company with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.Employing 167,900 people worldwide the company produces audio and video products, televisions, information and communications products, semiconductors and a wide range of other electronic components (Sony Corp, 2010).


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