Solving Systems Of Inequalities Word Problems

Solving Systems Of Inequalities Word Problems-16
Grab graph paper, pencil, straight-edge, and your graphing calculator.

Step 2 : Check the inequalities given in the question. Let fuel from petrol pump A = x and from petrol pump B = y Mr. ∴ 3x 5y $\leq$ 20 As the fuel never be negative so, x $\geq$ 0 y $\geq$ 0 As both x and y are greater than zero so zero is included. Graph a system of inequalities to represent this situation and write at least two solutions.

Step 3 : According to the inequality, make an inequations. The 4th center graph represents the solution region.

This form is quite useful in creating an equation of a line if you're given the slope and a point on the line.

Watch this tutorial, and learn about the point-slope form of a line!

Need some practice translating phrases into mathematical expressions? You'll get practice translating statements involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division into mathematical expressions.

Inequalities come up all the time when you're working algebra problems.

In this tutorial you'll learn what an inequality is, and you'll see all the common inequality symbols that you're likely to see :) Knowing the definition for a compound inequality is one thing, but being able to identify one in a word problem or phrase can be an entirely different challenge.

Arm yourself by learning some of the common phrases used to describe a compound inequality and an absolute value inequality.

If you get a false statement, then the ordered pair is not a solution.

Take a look at this tutorial and learn how to determine if an ordered pair is a solution to an inequality!


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