Solving Perimeter And Area Problems

Solving Perimeter And Area Problems-17
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So this inner pentagon has a perimeter 50, that is the sum of the 5 bases.

So that right over here is 50, so the perimeter of the star is going to be 150 minus 50, or or 100.

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The area of a square A = s = 9 If formulas for a figure do not exist, we can still find the perimeter by adding the lengths of the sides. We calculate the perimeter by adding the lengths of the sides. The line extends 8 units to the left and 7 units to the right. If a formula exists, use it to find the perimeter and the area.

Without an area formula, we could estimate the area by counting the number of little squares enclosed. If the length is not obvious from the plot, use the distance formula which says the distance d between (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) is given by: Fred's garden is going to be triangular. Since the height may not be one of the sides, we have to calculate the height carefully. Using coordinates, find the perimeter and area of a triangle whose vertices are the points (-8,0), (4,6), and (7,0). Here, the perimeter (P) is the sum of the three sides: P = 13.42 6.71 15 ≅ 35.1 The height is the distance from the vertex (4,6) to a point perpendicular to the base.

Now he has to buy the fencing material and fertilizer for his plants. How can these corner locations help Fred determine the length of fencing he needs and the area in which he'll be spreading fertilizer? Coordinates give a point's location in the xy-plane.

One special location is the vertex, the point where two lines of a shape form a corner.

So it is this side, let me do this in a new color actually So the perimeter of the triangle i will do in orange.

It is going to be this plus that plus that plus that plus that plus that i think you get the idea plus that plus that plus that plus that So the perimeter of the of the star so let me call this: perimeter perimeter of the star it is going to be equal to the perimeter of the 5 triangles is equal to perimeter of 5 outer triangles.


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