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Application integration needs to provide efficient, reliable and secure data exchange between multiple enterprise applications.Unfortunately, enterprise integration is no easy task.

For example, many billing systems started to incorporate customer care and accounting functionality.

Likewise, the customer care software maker takes a stab at implementing simple billing functions such as disputes or adjustments.

Second, spreading business functions across multiple applications provides the business with the flexibility to select the “best” accounting package, the “best” customer relationship management or the order processing system that best suits the business’ needs.

One-stop-shopping for enterprise applications is usually not what IT organizations are interested in, nor is possible given the number individual business requirements.

However, this technical infrastructure presents only a small portion of the integration complexities.

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The true challenges of integration span far across business and technical issues. There are no simple answers for enterprise integration.

Anyone who has been through an EAI deployment can attest to the fact that EAI solutions are a critical component of today’s enterprise strategies, but make IT life harder, not easier. In our opinion, anyone who claims that integration is easy must be either incredibly smart (or at least a good bit smarter than the rest of us), incredibly ignorant (OK, let’s say optimistic), or they have a financial interest in making you believe that integration is easy.

It’s a long way between the high-level vision of the integrated enterprise (defined by terms such as “Straight-Through-Processing”, “T 1”, “Agile Enterprise”) and the nuts-and-bolts implementations (what parameters did System. Even though integration is a broad and difficult topic, we can always observer some people who are much better at it than others. Since there is no such thing as “Teach Yourself Integration in 21 Days” (this book sure ain't!

) it is unlikely that these people know all the answers to integration.

However, these people have usually solved enough integration problems that they can compare new problems to prior problems they have solved.


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