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For example, you could create a plan that provides an overview of a company’s entire marketing strategy, or simply focus on a specific channel like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, event marketing or online reputation management.But let’s dive into the parts of a marketing plan that every business should have.

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One of the best ways to get people excited to read your marketing plan is with a well written executive summary.

An executive summary introduces readers to your company goals, marketing triumphs, future plans, and other important contextual facts.

What channels will you use, and what advertising or marketing funnel will you implement to convert audiences into customers?

One of the strengths of this marketing plan is its extensive use of data as a foundation for its analyses and strategies.

What often ends up happening is these businesses will try different marketing tactics ad hoc, with only minor to moderate success.

Or they’ll score a big win by chance but find themselves unable to properly scale their tactics, goals and strategies.The user persona example above uses sliding scales to identify personality traits like introversion vs. Most businesses will have a few different types of target users.That’s why it’s pertinent to identify and create several different user personas.So, in the introduction, include an explanation of how the plan will benefit the business or complement other teams’ efforts.Your SWOT analysis gives you an overview of your business’ current situation, and now it’s time to define your strategic marketing mission and goals.That way, you can better segment your marketing campaigns and set separate goals, if necessary.Next, on the marketing plan checklist, we have the competitor research section.Marketing reports don’t have to be as time consuming as they often are, which is why we tapped into the brilliance of Kevan Lee of Buffer in this interactive content experience to help you with them.Dive right in here, and learn some marketing reporting hacks from Kevan. What will the topics be, and what’s the SEO strategy behind these topics?This section will help you identify who your competitors are, what they’re doing, and how you could carve yourself a place alongside them in your niche–and ideally, surpass them.Research their strengths and weaknesses in all parts of their company, and you will find some great opportunities.


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