Should Animal Experimentation Be Permitted Argumentative Essay

Although there are laws regarding animal testing enforcing the reduction in the use of animals for vivisection, opponents of animal experimenting are still debating about the subject of legalizing it.If we view this subject from a broader perspective, it can be seen that animal testing should be legalized as it aids scientist in the discoveries of new drugs and treatments to make health and medicine better, an animal’s life does not hold as much value as a human’s, and it is the most precise way to find out the effects of substances on a living organism.

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From here, it can be seen that animal testing is essential in the sustenance of human health.

Animals will be used to study the effect of newly invented drugs, whether it will help in curing the disease.

Differences existing between humans and animals cause animals to receive treatments which are different and unequal although both of them are alive.

As animals differ from humans as they do not have conscience, they are considered inferior to humans when it comes to the value of life.

Animal testing is the use of live animals for research in order to better understand the effect of certain substances towards human health.

This application has been widely carried out in many industries.

Besides this, discoveries of various vaccines have evolved through animal experimentation.

From here, it can be seen that animal testing can guide us to discoveries of new knowledge about living organisms.

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