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The only standard we hold our students to is doing their absolute best.Our teachers and tutors are successful University Graduates and cleared by DOJ/FBI background checks.

Our fees are affordable for the quality of homework help your child will get with our qualified teachers.

Scroll down to learn more or fill out the form to contact us.

Our directors monitor the teachers weekly to ensure quality of services administered.

Our trained teachers provide top of the line instruction and homework help at a fraction of the cost of other tutoring agencies.

If your child needs additional tutoring help, we recommend enrolling in our dedicated math tutoring or reading & writing tutoring enrichment programs.

Tutors check homework but students are responsible for all corrections.

It is important for parents to know what is going on as they are the eyes and ears when the child is doing homework at home.

Parents may ask for a progress report by email or calling their specific neighborhood learning center.

Your child will return to school feeling confident, which will lead to greater and long-term success in the classroom.

We also know each child has different homework assignments, so our teachers administer help to our homework club students individually.


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