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If one is not conscious of cultural norms or attitudes, a service member in another country may be seen as ignorant.

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We learned to work together, the attributes of a good leader and in that, the importance of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.

I met so many amazing people that will have a lasting impact in my life.

Therefore a career is not just someone's job but their life or true passion, and that is what it means to be obligated to a career.

The information below are not comprehensive and do not guarantee a scholarship. Each year, the Army may change what they want from prospective students.

Being in the military is not just a little boy fantasy of mine and most definitely without a doubt not something I am going to do for the money nor for the lack of nothing else to do.

I want to join the Army ROTC program because I know for an absolute fact that the program can enhance me as a person and that I can immensely benefit the Army and our country by being an officer that young men and women need during both difficult and dangerous situations.

I was a bit nervous at first talking with my Peruvian counterparts, but over time my basic Spanish vocabulary increased tenfold.

In the following 3 weeks of my stay at the academy, I had a chance to use a translator to give a presentation, train with the Peruvian weapon systems, and absorb their “civilian” culture by evenings out in the Capital of Lima.

There are plenty of chances to compete for scholarships and commissioning opportunities once college has started.

List activities, sports, jobs and hobbies, and describe what each one meant.


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