Roaring Twenties Essay Question

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As soon as the finish of World War I, a lot of Americans wished that United States remains away......) constructs it as an explanatory style which refers to the differentiation between optimistic explanatory style and dispositional optimism( qtd. Dispositional Optimism It refers to the global expectation about future that it hold more good than bad.

According to Scheier and colleagues, in difficult times, optimistic people continue to work for their valued objectives.

During the early 1920s, there was a 15% unemployment rate in Canada (Schumpeter, 5). There were a tremendous rise and increase in the foreign demand for Canadian raw materials.

Moreover, the United States demand for traditional resources in Canada increased.

The selected article to be studied is taken from an NIH journal, articles in which are peer reviewed and published online via Pub Med. ARTICLE SUMMARY The article selected for this assignment has been written after a detailed literature review by Conversano and colleagues (2010).

This article studies the impact of optimism on physical and emotional well being. The Roaring 20's Americans, in the particular yrs right after the finish of World War I discovered themselves in a period, where the people merely wanted to detach themselves by the problems of Europeans as well as the remaining world.This is important because it leads to problem sharing and consequently sharing of its stress and quick finding of solution.Even with evidence that optimism has positive effects on the mental health of human beings, it should also be noted that it also has a correlation with......Foreign demands included the demand for timber, base metals, pulp and wheat.Moreover, the market for local raw materials increased (Smith, 16).ROLE OF OPTIMISM IN PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH Submitted Submitted by: Institute: INTRODUCTION This paper deals with the study of a peer reviewed article which relates optimism to physical and mental health.A summary of the reviewed article is presented, which follows a personal opinion on the validity of the study.This paper will discuss on how the Roaring 20s was a time of optimism in Canada.In forming the conclusion, statistical analysis was conducted in respect to the topic of discussion.As a result of this, optimism has been found to be associated with lower levels of distress, lower risks of death from cardiovascular conditions, higher resistance to common cold and better levels of coping with hardships (Segerstrom, 2005).Optimists always voice their feelings and needs and can therefore be helped faster as compared to pessimists.


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