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If the student is interested in the investigation of the topic on 4G and has something interesting to say, he has the opportunity to prepare a research paper on 4G which would answer to all the questions.

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In 2008 the sector of ITU-R set a demand that the world should improve the wireless telecommunication systems and enable everyone transmit information at the speed of 100 megabits per second for the moving users (for example, the individuals traveling by train and by car) and one gigabit per second for the stationary users.

Since 2010 the developed countries have improved the telecommunication systems to the level of the fourth generation and now the experts continue working on the further development of the technologies having the intention to create even more developed systems in the nearest future.

Tax rate changes nearly always will have a substantial impact on income numbers and the reporting of deferred income taxes on the balance sheet.

Deferred tax accounts are reported on the balance sheet as assets and liabilities. and Master’s writers are ready to take into account your smallest demands.

It is possible to reduce tax payments in three different ways – a company can reduce income, increase its deductions, and take advantage of tax credits.

Many factors depend on gross income, including tax rate and various tax credits.

With faster tax write-offs on fixed assets, a company can report lower taxable income and pay lower taxes in the early years of the assets’ lives; a thereby manage tax costs.

Some companies also manage tax costs by locating part of their business in low-tax-rate states while operating retailing outlets or production facilities elsewhere.

The courts strongly support the right to choose the method that will result in the lowest legal tax liability. To plan effective tax even for a small company, the managers need to estimate their personal and business income for the next few years.

This is necessary because many tax planning strategies will save tax dollars at one income level, but will create a larger tax bill at other income levels.


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