Red Badge Of Courage Essays Heroism

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His personality and behavior move from innocence to experience, in essence from doubt to duty. In the span of just a few days, Henry experiences a lifetime's worth of growth — from his enlisting for self-centered reasons of glory, to the exhilaration of his first battle, to his running from his second battle for fear of being killed, and, ultimately, to his facing the enemy and leading a charge as he becomes one of the bravest soldiers in his regiment.

Several examples from the novel illuminate the changes which take place in Henry's character and in their relationship to the themes of doubt and duty.

Henry moves from a state of euphoria after repelling the enemy's charge in the first battle to a state of panic at the beginning of a second battle.

When the enemy charges, Henry's fears take control.

Henry's confidence, a confidence somewhat related to an understanding of duty, but also based on the curiosity of youth, is addressed early in the novel.

Henry is confident that war will bring him untold glory.

His transformation from child to man, from cowardly enlistee to brave veteran is complete.

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