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In addition, there can be an abstract in any other language.

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By decision of the Doctorate Board every Ph D candidate at Leiden University is obliged to deliver four copies of his/her dissertation to the library.A majority of the articles should be reviewed by referees outside the student’s own department, supplementing the audit carried out by the supervisory staff and dissertation opponent, thus assuring international standards.The introductory or summary chapters of a thesis by published works should be written independently by the student.He/she also submits the dissertation in digital form to the library for the benefit of the Institutional Repository (IR) of the University.For relevant changes see Ph D Regulations Leiden University.Dissertations under embargo are archived for the long term, but not made available full text.However, the abstract and bibliographical information will be made available.Candidates can publish the pdf of their dissertation on their own website.It is easier though, to put the repository-url of your dissertation on your website instead of the pdf.All doctoral theses must have an abstract both in English and Finnish (Abstract / Tiivistelmä).If you cannot write/speak Finnish please contact your supervisor for assistance.


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