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Cline and Haynes 2001, Howard 2002, Krotoski 2005, Rudestam 2004).It is important to sift through the research for strains of commonality, but a definition for any field should not be created by looking backward, and certainly not in one that changes as rapidly as media psychology.

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Recent data shows that daily Facebook users have hit 800 million with a user on average having 130 friends, while Twitters has hit over 100 million users. As a social animal, man does not live a lone, but in the midst of others.

Facebook’s numbers reflect a 200 million growth over a two year period since 2009 (Digital Buzz, 2012), and this growth has not been limited to Facebook only. Therefore, whenever they interact with or think about others, they experience change in thought behavior and attitudes (Sison, 2008).

In conclusion, social psychology is of key importance in the life of an individual because it encourages self-examination in an individual.

It also helps assess the reasons for different behaviors and reactions in individuals.

Such trends of increased masses going online, point to a shifting social power and focus from face to face relation to a more online-driven relation. how the behaviors or the actions or even the feelings of people are affected by others. Social Psychology Social Psychology also known as Sociology is a sub field of Psychology. Work Cited Broman, Clifford......conceiving individuals who pretended to have analogical intentions or purpose.

This shifting social power is clearly demonstrated by the recent 2011 Arab revolutions where social networking capabilities and activities were attributed as the key driver and instigator in the revolutions, especially in Egypt, which saw the political landscape in these countries change, and long-reigning leaders toppled.... Sociological social psychology and psychological sociology are some of the other names which are used to define this sub field of Psychology. Number of participants in group can consist of from a few individuals to million thousands people (Wilcox, 2010).While slightly abstract in nature, social media is understood to encompass web-based and mobile technologies that are implemented to turn communication into an interactive dialogue. Even while this technology has had s significant unifying effect, individuals have also argued that such technology has been detrimental... This mainly determines a person’s behaviour since every individual will strive to shape their image (Fiske, 2009). sentiments is studied under this field to understand how human interaction takes place and how actions of people affect others around them. Psychologists are responding, applying the rich body of psychological knowledge and theory to the vast world of media experience. According to Fischoff (2005), media psychology has only materialized as a separate field since the creation of a Media Psychology division in the American Psychological Association (APA) in the 1980s.Even in that short time, technological advances have revolutionized the media environment, generating opportunities and raising concerns.A definition does several things: 1) it sets the compass and standards of a field, 2) it frames the work of its practitioners, 3) it creates an intellectual base camp for exchange and integration, and 4) it informs the public. “Innovation Diffusion in Heterogeneous Populations: Contagion, Social Influence, and Social Learning.” Santa Fe Institute Accessed 07-09-038. In this paper, I will discuss some of the current definitions and the state of the field. Sixty million Americans say that the internet helped them make big decisions or get through major events in their lives (Horrigan 2006). With this high rate of generation and use of such contents, the online environment has become extremely competitive and saturated, with more and more people seeking to define their identities online and freely express their opinions online. "Criteria for publication." Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 3, 523. Thus, counterfactual thinking is not a waste of time; instead, it is very beneficial because it affects future decisions. Whereas, when it comes to locus of control, the individual knows that he can avoid the disease to an extend by the control of his action and behavior.Recent data shows that daily Facebook users have hit 800 million with a user on average having 130 friends, while Twitters has hit over 100 million users. He would avoid fatty food, alchohol and smoking in order to prevent the occurrence of fatal diseases.In spite of the obvious need, there is little consensus as to what media psychology actually is and does.Definitions within the profession vary from a narrow performance-centric view of psychologists in the media, to a global view of media’s role in society (Gregory et al. Scholars working in the field represent a variety of disciplines, both in and out of psychology—such as education, healthcare, business, and entertainment (e.g.


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