Procrastinating Homework

A poem by Edgar Guest captures the importance of example.

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Break it down It’s easy to procrastinate when a task appears overwhelming.

Recently, our son had an assignment that required multiple tasks to complete the finished product.

However, it might not be the most productive time for your child to do their homework, which encourages procrastinating. Do they want to immediately start their homework to allow more time to play later without having to think about their assignments? If your child doesn’t immediately start their task, make sure they understand why they’re allowed a break (so they will be more productive later) and how much time they have before they must begin the task of doing homework.

Talk with your child about how they feel when they come home from school. Consider the ‘why’ Is there a legitimate reason why your child hasn’t started their assignment?

We want our kids to enjoy school and the privilege of learning, not labor over perfect grades.

Set a timer when necessary When our son is having a particularly hard time settling into an assignment, we determine together how long he must sit and work and then I set a timer.

But if we teach our kids to overcome the temptation of procrastination, we give them a valuable skill that reaches into adulthood.

Here are a few strategies to help your children complete their homework assignments without delay: Determine your child’s most productive period Parents often insist that children complete their homework immediately after school to prevent distractions from interfering with finishing the work later.

It seems that we can deal with procrastination best by identifying personality traits - the Perfectionist and the Dreamer, the Worrier and the Crisis Maker, the Deifier and the Over-doer.

You will recognise the traits your children best fit. Perfectionists are very detail-oriented, and seldom satisfied with their work.


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