Problem Solving Skills For Teenagers

Problem Solving Skills For Teenagers-7
Make problem solving fun by incorporating skill-building games into your teen's next party or group event.

Make problem solving fun by incorporating skill-building games into your teen's next party or group event.Start by getting the group all knotted up; have the teens stand in a circle, put their hands in the center and grasp the hands of teens from around the circle.

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Start with smaller problems, such as what to do if you find a bracelet in the school hallway or catch a classmate cheating on an exam.

Work toward more difficult problems that require a substantial amount of consideration, such as ways to stop peer pressure in school, eliminate bullying or cyber-bullying or reduce gender stereotyping and objectification.

For a large group, divide them into two teams and have each one assemble a tent; the first team finished wins the game.

Rosenya Faith has been working with children since the age of 16 as a swimming instructor and dance instructor.

Now the group has to figure out how to get un-knotted without letting go of each other's hands.

Next, blindfold each of your guests and whisper a number from one to the number of teens present.When you feel she’s ready to take on larger problems, you can also give her a much more difficult task that will challenge her problem-solving skills, such as planning a party for a much-younger sibling.Finally, help her organize an event for charity, such as a neighborhood-wide yard sale, bake sale or penny sale, or a charity soccer game or marathon.If you’re hosting an outdoor camp-out for your teen, turn tent-pitching into a problem-solving activity.Just blindfold the teens and have them use their communication skills to get the job done.Help your teen learn to solve problems through teamwork, communication, organization and creativity with an event-planning activity.Your teen can organize a birthday party or summer break celebration to ease into the activity, determining an appropriate-size guest list, organizing activities to keep the group occupied and working within a budget you have allotted.The teacher observed one boy trying to forcefully grab the toy from a girl.Another boy had a temper tantrum because he did not have a turn playing with the toy.You can help your teen work through problems and find creative solutions by helping him role play one-on-one or with friends.Talk to your teen about any problems he’s having with peers, teachers or siblings and test out some solutions through role playing.


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