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(1995) “Structure-Sensitive Contrast Enhancement: Development and Evaluation” (Stephen M.Pizer) Crouch, Jessica Renee Crawford (2003) “Medial Techniques for Automating Finite Element Analysis” (Stephen M.

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(1994) “Development and Evaluation of an Air-to-Air Combat Debriefing System Using a Head-Mounted Display” (Frederick P.

Brooks Jr.) Antani, Lakulish (2013) “Interactive Sound Propogation Using Precomputation and Statistical Approximations” (Dinesh Manocha) Arthur, Kevin (2000) “Effects of Field of View on Performance with Head-Mounted Displays” (Frederick P. (1973) “Formal Models of Binding Processes in Control Programs” (Victor L. (1997) “Continuous Mixture Modeling via Goodness-of-Fit Cores” (James M. (1995) “Predictive Tracking for Augmented Reality” (Gary Bishop) Babich, Wayne A.

(2002) “Multiscale Evaluation of 3D Shape Perception in Computer Graphics” (Christina Burbeck) Brown, Shawn (2015) “Case Studies on Optimizing Algorithms for GPU Architectures” (Jack Snoeyink) Brownlee, Jr., Edward H.

(1975) “Lossiness in Tessellation Automata” (Stephen F.

(1972) “Toward A Programming Language for Writing and Checking Mathematical Discourses” (Donald F.

Stanat) Ahn, Ilsoo (1986) “Performance Modeling and Access Methods for Temporal Database Management Systems” (Richard T.

Snodgrass) Ahuja, Vijay (1976) “Exposure of Routed Networks to Deadlock” (Victor L.

Wallace) Aikat, Jay (2010) “An Investigation of the Effects of Modeling Application Workloads and Path Characteristics on Network Performance” (Kevin Jeffay) Airey, John M.

Pizer) Culver, Timothy (2000) “Computing the Medial Axis of a Polyhedron Reliably and Efficiently” (Dinesh Manocha) Curtis, Sean (2014) “Pedestrian Velocity Obstacles: Pedestrian Simulation through Reasoning in Velocity Space” (Dinesh Manocha) Danforth, Scott H.

(1983) “DOT: A Distributed Operating System Model of a Tree-Structured Multiprocessor” (Guyla A.


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