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If you do not know how to write a poem analysis essay or struggle with poem writing, count yourself among the 99%.

In order to write a poem, you need to have a creative mind that is able to think outside the box.

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Much like ballad poems, lyric poetry follows a rhythm that can be described as musical.

These types of poems are often written in first-person and contain emotional language.When I was selected as the YPL in November, that’s exactly what I wanted to do — uplift.I thought I knew what a poem was — a celebration, a way to honor — and I was going to use it to honor Houston.It’s cold there, though, and when I arrived back in Houston from a recent trip, I was still cold. I think that’s heartbreak, a little chink in my chest where the sun keeps spilling out. Everything I love about poetry I learned to love here. I want my poems to hold someone as Houston held me. I filled notebooks on the benches at Discovery Green. One of my professors at the University of Houston said, “The poem is a place full of weather.” I think this means Houston is a poem, or Houston is made of poetry. They were particularly popular as a form of poetry in the medieval times through the 19th century.Since they tend to have a certain musical quality about them, they are commonly used as a form of music as well.But doing this work has taught me more about the poem and about how it exists in Houston in ways I never noticed. North, my sophomore English teacher and the first poet in my life.When I started, I wanted to bring more poetry to the city. Wisconsin has weather, and Wisconsin has poems, but will I feel held? I’m going to miss Wednesdays at Write About Now, the way a hundred strangers gather to hear poetry.They involve taking a letter from each line (whether it is the first, last or any other) and forming a “secret” word that can be read from top to bottom.These are narratives that are written in short stanzas.


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