Plastic Surgery Arguments Essay

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Also, the people who seek for these services often close up their minds because much of their focus dwells on their hope to improve their physical image (Blum 4).Cosmetic surgery goes behind the aesthetic value and may pose negative expectations for people who value such cosmetic plastic surgery practices such as breast augmentation.

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However, plastic surgery has changed in scope and practice, especially in the 19 century where most people discovered the possibility of changing their physical make through medical help.

Most of the ground work for the growth and development of cosmetic surgery was laid down in the 20 century where professional groups in the medical field were developed, with most surgeons specializing in specific aspects of reconstructive surgery.

“Women who undergo breast augmentation surgery have a greater incidence of lactation insufficiency” (Michalopoulos 62).

Therefore, there is a wide range of practices in the contemporary cosmetic surgery in the United States and other countries around the world.

“Most surgeons tell me about the technical aspects and the logical desire to improve your appearance…” (Blum 4).

This is a comment from one of the people who have sought for cosmetic service.

One of the most critical developments in the field of medical tourism is the increase in the number of people who seek for medical services that can enhance their physical appearance.

Therefore, research denotes a lot of advances in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

This makes it difficult to differentiate between people who seek for such services on medical grounds and those who purely seek for such services for aesthetic purposes.

However, from the trends in medical tourism, it is clear that a large number of people seek for services on the grounds of beauty rather than on the health grounds.


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