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Women also had no voice in laws, meetings, or anything.By giving Africa a European government it helped women and the weak to become taken care of, thus helping Africa and making it a better place to live in. Public education was brought to Africa by the Christians to help educate native Africans to speak the English language and to help them become smart and literate in the European's perspective.To ensure the quality of the text, contact professional editing team and send the draft to them.

Women also had no voice in laws, meetings, or anything.

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Crosby's main point in this book is that it was more the Old World diseases, anim...

Don’t you think that society would be better off after banning smoking in public places or limiting access to the world wide web?

Are there any other ideas on how to improve the society?

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When public education came, many native Africans became literate and smart. Diseases that were once incurable are now curable because of strong medicines that were provided by the white men. Every year due to bad sanitation which caused vast death among Africans.

Europeans introduced new surgical techniques to Africans, which saved lives that were being lost due to infection of open wounds.

Imperialism and anti-imperialism activists were continuously growing in number and this resulted in growing controversy. In an essay entitled "Professor William Sumner Spurns Empire", from the book, War and Other Essays, he states his opinion, trying to win people over to anti-imperialism. One of the main motives behind Imperialism is the expansion of wealth. Hence, the New Imperialism was an agreement between the Liberals and the Conservatives. However, the appeal of Imperialism soon prevailed among the Socialists. Africa, a nation of immense natural resources, has been the victim of imperialism for many years. Though Africa was decolonized in this century, imperialism still exists in many ways. According to the essay read in class about the diamond wars and this charter, the destiny of Africa was controlled by Europe and even the United States in 1963, and is still controlled to some extent today. Essays read in class such as Mark Twain's "Soliloquy of King Leopold" and the Diamond Wars essay also demonstrate this. When studying Heart of Darkness, reading critical essays is very u... The new imperialism was renowned particularly by the surfacing of other na...

Albert Beveridge was just one in the many supporters of imperialism. Although Sumner gives relevant evidence supporting his ideas, there is a sense of bias is his essay. They have contrasting ideas with opposite views about imperialism. Many essays have been written discussing the controversial topic of Imperialism. Some essays have been written just to render an authors opinion, while others have had a serious purpose like enlightening the audience to benefits or problems with imperialism. Heart of Darkness Essay task: Marlow's narrative presents a critical analysis of the "Empire mind- as well as being a descriptive account of a journey up the river Congo! Marlow symbolizes the positiveness of Imperialism but realizes the evil that the negative Imperialism has caused and decides that it's unnecessary to go through so much evilness. This character had the open-mindness that was missing during imperialism but was too weak to stop the abuses that were happening. Throughout the reading Conrad tries to get a message out to the readers, that Imperialism is i... The two represent those who are pro-imperialism and those who are anti-imperialism. Irony is a defining rhetoric used to convey the theme, as the ending half of the essay takes place in a church. The setting of the essay is efficient in displaying both the horrors of imperialism, as well as the irony of praying for destruction in a place of love and acceptance. Whilst concluding his essay, Twain closes with a truly compelling final sentence. The "hidden" barbaric aspects of imperialism are brought into the light in the essay The War Prayer....


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