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It's hard to remember where you are as you navigate.

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As I mentioned above, the book starts by covering genres with relative swiftness, then it digs into essential writing topics, and then it covers larger genres in more detail.

It ends with a section on "Thinking About Writing" that is pretty clearly designed for more advanced readers, and I think that's an effective choice.

The way that the book starts with a quick reference guide to genres and then moves into the big-picture writing theory is evidence that the writers want the book to be immediately useful.

The book's organization seems maximally effective for teachers and students.

In fact, much professional writing starts with an abstract, executive summary, or cover sheet that obviates the need for a conclusion.

The worst thing we can do in much scientific and technical discourse is build suspense and save the point, answer, or recommendations to the end.Still, again, this is a very strong book and I plan to redesign my future Technical Writing class with it.The book is offered in various formats, and they aren't parallel.Many phrases such as "as seen in the last section," make it difficult for students to follow what's happening.The videos address students in a single section writing a specific assignment and the content of the videos is not transferable to other contexts. In addition to the mix of genres that it discusses, the book is also effective in its coverage of different aspects of writing such as audience, context, ethics, more see less The book has a strong balance of topics.It is not at the cutting edge of technical writing technologies or software, but it is the sort of book that would have (and probably has) helped students a decade ago and will still be useful in another decade owing to its coverage of general topics and its emphasis on writing fundamentals.The book seems to have been designed for modular use, and indeed that is how I plan to use it in my future classes.This textbook focuses not just on the college experience, but on the Central Oregon Community College experience to the exclusion of other contexts.The text does not contain modules that stand independently, despite appearing at the outset to be designed that way.


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