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Students will participate in problem solving workshops and lab experiments.The next course is a hands-on classical mechanics course.

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Top choices on the website include an introduction to physics, the finite element method, semiconductors, electricity, and magnetism.

Key USPs-– Get acquainted with the necessary general jargon as well as application-related ones.– The introductory lessons provide an overview of the content of the lectures and show how to make the most the experience.– Lots of exercises for understanding the problems from implementing in different fields to solve the challenges of different levels of complexity.– The flexible deadline allows you to learn as per your convenience.– Complete all the exams and graded assessments that follow the lessons to earn the course completion certificate.

The programs are divided based on the difficulty levels namely beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The classes here don’t only allow you to complete your coursework but also apply this subject to the present technological and non-technical developments.

Here you have the option to learn the foundational definitions, topics, and relevant challenges.

Some of the bestsellers include rocket engineering and interstellar space propulsion, kinematics for high school and AP exam, classical physics: journey through the laws of the universe, and basics of mechanical engineering.Selection of topics includes special relativity, statics and kinematics.The standalone physics course uses TEAL (Technology Enabled Active Learning) method of learning.Key USPs-– The classes cover each concept with demonstrations and examples as well as with an emphasis on the key factors.– The hands-on lessons allow you to experiment with the theoretical topics and learn by doing.– Incorporate the expert advice and best advice and incorporate them in your learning.– The assessments and assignments come in handy for brushing up your concepts and measuring your grasp on the topics covered.– Lectures Downloadable Resources Full Lifetime Access– The study material and videos can be accessed for a nominal fee.Duration: Self-paced Rating: 4.5 out of 5You can Sign up Here With over 590 options, Coursera makes sure that you can enhance your skills in physics irrespective of your proficiency level.One dimensional and two-dimensional motion, forces and Newton’s law of motion, centripetal force and gravitation, work and energy are some of the classes available in this platform.By the end of your chosen class, you will have the knowledge to attempt all the relevant coursework.The University of California, Irvine, offers students an opportunity to learn about introductory physics online for free with its three-part series on basic physics.Students can review video lectures on subjects like Newtonian dynamics, fluid dynamics, magnetism, waves and sound. The first listed course is an introduction to classical mechanics.Students interested in studying introductory physics online will find plenty of options with courses covering basic information, such as relativity and mechanics, and even some lab experiments.Schools like the University of California and Yale University host these courses for free.


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