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Later, as you write your paper, each card topic becomes a body paragraph (supporting idea) in your paper.

As you find interesting facts about your topic during your research, you should write them down.

If you are not organized, it will take considerably more time to write the paper.

To make it easy on yourself, you can use an index card system as you gather information.

Write only essential words, abbreviate when possible. Be accurate: double check direct quotes and statistics. Identify direct quotes with quotation marks and the person's name. Bracket your own words [ ] when you add them into a quote. Use ellipsis points (...) where you leave out non-essential words from a quote. Once you have answered your questions and taken a lot of notes about your topic, you are ready to finalize your Statement of Purpose into a Thesis Statement.

This is when you pick a definite point of view to write from.

It is useful to take notes on index cards because it gives you the flexibility to change the order of your notes and group them together easily. Only write information directly related to your Statement of Purpose. Include the source's number on the card (see Tip Sheet 4: Making Source Cards) 11.

You can buy a few packages of 3x5 or 5x7 index cards at most drugstores or stationery stores. Write the subtopic heading of the note at the top of each note card. (see Tip Sheet 9: Writing a Statement of Purpose) 4. Write the page number of the source after the note. Use the word 'over' to indicate information on the back of the card.

You will need to support your point of view with the evidence you have been finding.

When you are faced with starting a research paper, the most important part of researching and beginning to write is ORGANIZING the information and your thoughts.


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