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Lacan restores the desiring subject by calling ‘metaphore paternelle' that is, moving the marginalized self who stayed in the economy of imaginaire to the economy of symbolic through his triangular diagram.The desiring subject obtains his identity by encompassing the imaginary-symbolic-realistic world through his enunciation.more所谓“理学官僚”是指一以贯之地讲求理学,并以理学之践履指导仕宦、治家与修身等诸多方面的官员。18世纪的理学官僚在政治与学术上相当活跃,且论学过从甚密。其经济之道根植于系统性的理学道德践履,旨在树立一种基于朱子学的教化与治理模式,由道德修为而进之于实学,由实学而发之于实政。另方面,理学官僚采取一种较为缓和的实用主义态度审视门户异同之争,在推重阳明事功的同时,得以重新评价阳明学术的遗产。此种态度亦影响到理学官僚整理本朝学统的工作,涵括气节与事功的实行成为去取的标准,以期构筑复线、多元的学术谱系。随着道统解释权向皇帝的转移,士大夫“格君心”的空间日渐缩小,尹嘉铨奏父从祀案实为皇帝与理学传统的冲突,清高宗藉此重申其作为事实与价值判断最终权威的形象。理学官僚虽称“致君”,然而在皇权压力下,其所行之道仍不免归于“化民成俗”。梵蒂冈图书馆所藏清抄本《论儒家之天、太极与天主》迄今未引起相关研究者的重视,它应当是方济各会士康和子(Carlo Orazi, 1673—1755)带到罗马教廷用以批评耶稣会中国传教策略的证据性文件。抄本作者从儒家的“天”通达基督教的“天主”或“上帝”,从对理学“太极”的批判引向一神论,进一步论述“天主”,并与儒家思想进行更多的会通诠释,其中的教义取向和策略运用明显依从和继承了利玛窦(Matteo Ricci,... more梵蒂冈图书馆所藏清抄本《论儒家之天、太极与天主》迄今未引起相关研究者的重视,它应当是方济各会士康和子(Carlo Orazi, 1673—1755)带到罗马教廷用以批评耶稣会中国传教策略的证据性文件。抄本作者从儒家的“天”通达基督教的“天主”或“上帝”,从对理学“太极”的批判引向一神论,进一步论述“天主”,并与儒家思想进行更多的会通诠释,其中的教义取向和策略运用明显依从和继承了利玛窦(Matteo Ricci, 1552—1610)等耶稣会士的选择。这份抄本文献表明,在一定范围内,耶稣会传教士所要传播的信仰要义和基本策略,在中国底层读书人群体中已经有比较好的接受、领会和运用。明清之际天主教传教士来华,中西思想文化首次发生全面而直接的对话,其中的重要产物之一,是“中国哲学”之名的最初建立。从“中国哲学家”到“中国哲学”,是耶稣会士学问的推进,并凸显出“人文”和“理性”的面向;从“中国哲学”到“中国哲学史”,则开始有自觉的方法论反思,进而开启了成为一门学科之可能性。这是西方知识界对“中国哲学”的认定、理解和研究之最初历程,也就构成了对中国哲学正当性最早的充足证言。“中国哲学”是全球化进程中成立的一门新学问,其实质是“哲学”进入“中国叙事”,它深入参与... more明清之际天主教传教士来华,中西思想文化首次发生全面而直接的对话,其中的重要产物之一,是“中国哲学”之名的最初建立。从“中国哲学家”到“中国哲学”,是耶稣会士学问的推进,并凸显出“人文”和“理性”的面向;从“中国哲学”到“中国哲学史”,则开始有自觉的方法论反思,进而开启了成为一门学科之可能性。这是西方知识界对“中国哲学”的认定、理解和研究之最初历程,也就构成了对中国哲学正当性最早的充足证言。“中国哲学”是全球化进程中成立的一门新学问,其实质是“哲学”进入“中国叙事”,它深入参与到了四百年来人们对普遍性哲学的思考,而且至今仍在进行之中。The Humean belief-desire model is still the mainstream theory of moral motivation, according to which an agent is motivated to act if the person has a desire, which is coupled with a means-end belief of the agent that this desire can be...

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Scheme X is a dialectical symbol, in which melt the subject who is the condensation of mom and dad/heaven and earth/yin and yang and heavenly circle also, and through this sign, Toegye succeed to explain consistently the core concept of confucianism such as xing[性] and ging[情] and weifa[未發] and yifa[已發] in the conception ‘gyoung(敬)’.

Toegye successfully tied the nature and mind in the one ring by laying gyoung(敬) around the center of gravity of the X-schema.

Ten diagrams of Sage Learning and Écrits are the publication which is dissolved in this scheme-philosophy.

Toegye introduced the six X-shape in his Ten diagrams of Sage Learning.

This assumption of human agency also means that the Confucian understanding of hierarchy is social as opposed to ontological and that differences between peoples are understood to be a result of culture-custom variation.

Philip Ivanhoe, in his recent book Oneness, has indirectly criticized Neo-Confucian metaphysics as being no longer viable in light of modern science.By contrast, I will defend the position that at least one Neo-Confucian philosopher, Zhu...more Philip Ivanhoe, in his recent book Oneness, has indirectly criticized Neo-Confucian metaphysics as being no longer viable in light of modern science.In contemporary philosophical scene, there are some anti-Humeans, mostly rationalists, who claim that belief alone is sufficient to motivate a person; and there are also some anti-Humeans, mostly emotivists, who claim that there is no such a thing as moral belief: if it is moral, it is not a belief but merely an emotion, and if it is a belief, then it has nothing to do with moral motivation.However, this paper is interested in a third group of anti-Humeans, who agree with Humeans that both belief and desire are needed to motivate a person to act, but belief and desire here are not two separate mental states but, instead, form a single, unitary one, the so-called besire.Eventually, the distinction of Western and Ruist traditions of metaphysics and theology, as well as the imperfections in each of them, speaks to the need of mutual learning for constructing a more robust metaphysical worldview in the twenty-first century.Toegye, the most prominent korean confucian and Jacque Lacan, the post-modern french scholar do not share at all their space-time but in their spirit they have in common that they use the topology(or schema) in the core of his vast...This objection claims that Zhu Xi’s qi accounts for speciation of objects, and this is incompatible with hylomorphism.But the objection trades on ambiguities that, once clarified, make it clear that Zhu Xi’s metaphysics is likely hylomorphic.By contrast, I will defend the position that at least one Neo-Confucian philosopher, Zhu Xi, has developed a non-Aristotelian yet hylomorphic metaphysics.While I cannot engage here in an extensive textual analysis of Zhu Xi’s theory of composition, I will examine and offer responses to a prominent objection against reading Zhu Xi’s li-qi metaphysics as hylomorphic.


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