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She was a magical witch who flew on a broom from house top to house top, visiting children and filling their shoes with candy and chocolates.

Along with these daily customs, my mother’s family continued the traditions of Italian holidays, which my family still maintains today.

Because of this, I have grown up being aware of my Italian heritage and its customs.

I am planning to go to italiy for working or studying in next year.

Sono brava in grammatica me chi sono molti difficili in Italiano.

Vado a Brescia in maggio per visitare le sue parenti.

Use the present for actions still happening when in English there's the present perfect continuous for. Cheers Valentina Team Italian Pod101Ho studiato l'italiano per un anno = I studied Italian for 1 year (and use of present perfect tense implies it is a completed action, hence no longer happening). Mi piace molto tutti così Italiani e spero imparare molto. Ho studiato Italiana in passato ma non ricordo molto. Their house contained a cold cellar where my grandfather fermented grapes to create red wine, and my grandmother hung meats such as sausage, capicola, and sopressata.They canned vegetables for the winter by preparing them in large vats called vaso di croc where they preserved the vegetables with vinegar and salt.Throughout the month of December, my family prepares for Christmas both in the American and Italian ways.Not only do we buy a Christmas tree and decorate the house, but we set up our presepio or nativity scene.In Europe it is common to offer your hand for a handshake and keep eye contact, as this shows that you are alert, genuine and interested in what is being said. ”Y: “Mio nonno era di Caserta, e domani vado là.” = “My grandfather was born in Caserta and tomorrow I’m going there.”NF: “Dal momento che non conosci bene la strada, posso procurarti una cartina.” = “Given that you’re not familiar with the area I can get you a map.”Y: “Grazie, molto gentile.” = “Thank you, that’s very kind of you.”NF: “Ad ogni modo se vuoi stare qui a lungo, mi piacerebbe farti fare un giro qui attorno.” = “By the way, if you want to stay here longer, I would love to show you around.”Y: “Grazie, sarebbe bello! I truly hope my advice will make your visit to Italy much more enjoyable.Your handshake should be firm, and don’t be surprised if your new friend moves in for a cheek kiss or shoulder slap. In Italy, Christmas is not only a holiday centered on gift giving, but the appreciation of family and Jesus.Many of the Italian traditions during Christmas are focused on religious beliefs, as our mine.


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