Mining Business Plan

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Water may not be the most efficient go-juice, but it does have some perks.

Like being the first thing Deep Space Industries plans to suck out of asteroids.

Other collaborators are putting money into specific R&D projects, like Deep Space Industries’ first planned mission: Prospector-X. It’s known for finance and banking, says Meagan Crawford, Deep Space Industries’ director of communications, and has “a deep background in mining and the steel industry, as well as a vibrant high-tech industry.” (When I suggested that it also might have been bureaucratically easier to get their buy-in than the US government’s, Crawford assured me that “governments are governments.”)After Prospector-X (hypothetically) proves its technology, Deep Space Industries plans to launch the real deal, the 50-kilogram Prospector-1.

Set for launch in 2017, this nanosatellite will stay in low-Earth orbit, testing the tech that will go to an actual asteroid—like propulsion, navigation, and resistance to radiation. This spacecraft will—by the end of the decade, the company says—actually go to an asteroid and appraise its value, using a mid-infrared camera and a neutron spectrometer to see up to three feet below ground. “Countries that don’t have their own space programs who are looking to break in to the space industry,” says Crawford.“Kind of like a space-program starter-kit,” I say. How else to monetize your yet-to-be-launched asteroid mining mission?

It reads like a solid business model: Deep Space Industries calls Silicon Valley home, they’re cozy with NASA and its own asteroid program, they sell the technology that may eventually be good for mining asteroids but is useful for other purposes today, they’re getting people hooked on the kinds of space systems that asteroids can resupply, and they want to jump start national space programs.“Their strategy is akin to what Elon Musk has done with going to Mars,” says Chris De May, co-founder of Hawk Eye360.

There’s a huge long-term goal, and then all these on-the-way money-maker-technology-advancers.But just as there’s no guarantee Musk will make it to Mars, there’s no guarantee Deep Space Industries will mine any asteroids.At least its timeline is fast enough—with prospecting planned to begin by 2020—that we can all hold our breath.For those latter two contracts, Deep Space Industries hooked up with a company called Near Earth LLC, whose founder, Hoyt Davidson, declined to comment for the story, citing a non-disclosure agreement.“They’re an advisory consulting service, and they do a lot of work in helping provide funding opportunities for space companies, acting as an investment bank,” says Crawford.OK LIFE CARE PROFILE 1- कंपनी ने अपने खुद के 7.5 एकर आफिस से स्टार्ट किया। 2- कंपनी के पास अपने खुद के 5 टी वी चैनल का लाइसेंस है। जिसमे 3 चालू हैं। 3- कंपनी के पास अपनी 3 यूनिवर्सिटीज और 14 कॉलेज हैं। 4- कंपनी के पास अपने… Indus Viva was a pioneer leader in Network Marketing Business approved by Indian Governemnt in 2014.They started their legal business work in India from 2014 , headquartered in World Trade Centre, Bangalore.Under these contracts, Deep Space has investigated no-refrigeration-needed asteroid-ingredient propellants and simulated asteroid material.NASA has also contracted the company to investigate its spacecrafts’ compatibility with NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Vehicle and launch rocket, as well as the economics of future public-private asteroid partnerships.After digging out materials like water and precious metals, entrepreneurs can sell those commodities in space—to the maybe-burgeoning exploration industry—and back on Earth.But Earthlings are still a long way from mining asteroids.


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