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This means that you should by no means blame others for your failures, be it employers, colleagues, upbringing, ethnicity etc.Even though you are talking about failure, the overall tone has to be positive, and blaming others would inevitably overshadow the picture you are painting of yourself.

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Some b-school applicants balk at thinking of themselves as a “product” or “brand.” However, by taking the time to really examine your personal qualities, values and aspirations, you’ll ultimately be able to find out which …

This post originally appeared on Stacy’s ‘Strictly Business’ MBA blog on U. News Faced with increasingly stiff competition for a spot at the top business schools, MBA applicants must possess more than stellar test scores and a pedigreed …

In the best case, you will be able to explain how the MBA programme of your choice will help you hone those skills so you can reach your post-MBA goals.

Don’t underestimate the weakness/failure questions. Check out: Interview Preparation Tips for B-School Admission When asked about weaknesses and strengths, one of the most common mistakes students make is spending too much time talking about strengths and allocating very little time (or space, in essays) for their weaknesses.

Such a response will not work and it may even irritate the person who is interviewing you or reading your essay.

You should demonstrate that you have taken steps to improve and assumed responsibility for your missteps.And from this, they can discern your level of self-awareness.With this question, you want to make an emotional connection with the adcom.So often applicants spend all their time discussing accomplishments but are afraid to open up and describe who they really are as a person.When someone is candid about their failings, it opens our heart to them, and we feel more connected to them.Admissions officers are looking for candidates who evince superior self-understanding and who are fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses.Presenting yourself as someone who is self-aware and is able to self-assess will considerably increase your chances of admission.They mention *personal* like 9 times in the prompt. There are so many opportunities to talk about work elsewhere in the INSEAD application.One of my R1 candidates has a past history of organizing groups or initiatives that help others achieve a dream they felt was impossible “on the cheap” and provided 2 quick anecdotes to support that. Make your claims, but make sure to illustrate this with examples (for both strengths and weaknesses.) If you don’t have a lot of clarity around your strengths and weaknesses- survey your friends and family and ask for their input with this. Make sure to let everyone know you need feedback rather quickly.Make a list of weakness/failure responses so you don’t have to come up with answers off the cuff.Ensure to identify specific skills and competences that you want to improve or acquire in order to achieve your long-term goals.


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