Maths Problem Solving Worksheets

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Remember, there are well over 700 pages for each year available to purchase as downloads.

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Each webpage has a short description of what the page is about and the math learning it covers. Want to use your knowledge to solve some 'real life' problems. Included in this page are a range of math problem pages from 1st grade to 5th grade.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, try searching the site using the Google search box on the right hand side on this page. There are also fraction problems, ratio problems as well as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.

It is usually a good idea to ensure students already have a strategy or two in place to complete the math operations involved in a particular question.

For example, students may need a way to figure out what 7 × 8 is or have previously memorized the answer before you give them a word problem that involves finding the answer to 7 × 8.

The words in the particular problem will not change but the numbers will.

Children who struggle converting a word problem into a math equation will find it reassuring (confidence builder) to revisit the same verbal clues with different numbers, so consider printing a couple regenerations of each problem.After a few weeks of this, she was able to do them without the walkthrough from mom. " fairly quickly so confidence building is important -- if she thinks she can't do something she can't -- if she thinks she can do something she can.Now how do I convince her that she CAN keep her room clean?Students of all ages will challenge their problem-solving skills with our collection of math word problems worksheets.Using both relatable situations and exciting stories, these math word problems worksheets engage your students in math practice and show the value of math skills in real life.Here you will find a range of math problems aimed at first grade level.Each problem sheet is based on an interesting theme such as parties or the seaside.Many of the problem sheets use 'real life' data, so your child can learn some interesting facts while they are solving problems, and also hopefully see the point of all the math facts they have learnt at the same time.Each problem solving sheet comes with a separate answer sheet.Some questions in the Mid Primary section could be used with younger students as an oral problem solving activity to model how to solve the problems.Before working through the worksheets, discuss with your children any phrases or vocabulary that they may be unsure of.


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