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They will likely have another round of questions for you – possibly asking for details you wouldn’t have thought to include. You don’t have to worry about grammar, or when to spell out an acronym, or if it would be more beneficial for you to use the term “turnkey embedded systems” rather than “complete embedded solutions” in the title of your work – they’ll put your information into the context of their technical writing skills and make the right decisions for you.

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You can just send them a data sheet and something you’ve created before, but to write something compelling, they need to get details from you.

In this phase, let them ask questions and explore different angles.

All of these suggestions should be welcomed as they will make your final content piece stronger and more applicable to the audience. Trust Their Writing and Reviews To begin, your writer will create a draft or an outline for you.

This first pass serves to organize the content, convey main ideas, and make sure the right details are in the right places.

Jennifer Goforth Gregory uses her 20 years of professional writing experience to create content that solves readers problems and builds trust in her client’s brand.

After working in the tech field all of her career, she is fluent in translating "geek" to "real people." She specializes in B2B, finance, technology, artificial intelligence, Io T, personalization, cloud computing, security, retail technology, telecommunications, health technology and hospitality technology.

Consider taking the time for a positioning and messaging project.

It will take some time up front, but save a ton of time and effort for years to come. Play The Expert Role Your writers will want to interview you.


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