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Malnutrition is a universal issue with several different forms.

It affects most of the world’s population at some point in their lifecycle, from infancy to old age.

Worldwide, there are more than 600 billion obese adults and 462 million underweight adults.

In chronic malnutrition the children are short relative to their age, or stunted.

More than 30% of children in the world have chronic malnutrition.

The results of the study can be used directly both in the treatment and prevention of acute malnutrition.

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and humanitarian organizations have conducted a large study in Burkina Faso in West Africa treating more than 1600 children with acute malnutrition.

The study, published in the open access medical journal , showed that corn-soy porridge should be replaced with a lipid-based nutrient supplement (LNS), a fortified peanut butter.

Globally, more than 50 million children are affected by acute malnutrition.

LNS supports healthy growth Christian Fabiansen, MD Ph D and a team from the Department of Nutrition, Sports and Exercise at the University of Copenhagen conducted the study in collaboration with a Ph D-student from the Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé in rural Northern Burkina Faso, where there was a high prevalence of acute malnutrition.

Dr Fabiansen previously worked in humanitarian medical projects with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), who also sponsored this work.


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