Literature Review On Hospital Management System Project

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ISO 27708 [7] defines the guidelines to support the interpretation and implementation of Health informatics in ISO/IEC 27002 [8] and it is a companion to that standard.

ISO 27708 specifies a set of detailed controls for managing Health information security and provides Health information security best practice guidelines.

A strategic study is driven in this paper by a Systematic Literature Review so as to identify Quality Characteristics in e-Health.

Such study makes information and communication technology organizations reflect and act strategically to manage quality in e-Health Systems efficiently and effectively.

Pagliari discusses the importance of doing research with the aim of ensuring that new e-Health technologies are adopted effectively.

By the same token, Greenhalgh and Russell [6] offer an alternative set of guiding principles for e-Health evaluation based on traditions that view evaluation as a social practice rather than a scientific testing and illustrate it using England’s controversial Summary Care Record program as an example.Generic allocation decisions related to a utility and a readiness portfolio are formulated to give priority to investments as well as identify weak points in the defined e-Health strategy.Pagliari [5], on his part, offers a personal viewpoint based on a nonsystematic review of the literature and the experience of observing and participating in the design, evaluation, and analysis of Health informatics interventions.Standard provides guidance to healthcare organizations and other personal Health information custodians on how to best protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of such information by implementing ISO/IEC 27002.ICT service management which encompasses ITSM (IT service management) or ICT services as such [7] is a discipline dealing with managing information technology (ICT) systems, philosophically focused on the customer’s perspective of ICT’s contribution to business.Before designing any application it is very important to study the market this is also applicable if the application is already designed and when that needs to be modified.For the proposed system it is important to apply your ideas and also consider the existing system.In general, e-Health is increasingly considered to be the most promising tool for improving the overall quality, safety, and efficiency of the Health delivery system [2].ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) can have a massive impact on all aspects of healthcare, ranging from providing people with the information they need to live a healthy lifestyle to supplying new tools available for designing the future of medicine. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . Web Engineering and Early Testing (IWT2) Research Group, Department of Computer Languages and Systems, University of Seville, Avenida Reina Mercedes s/n, 41012 Seville, Spain Received 22 February 2015; Accepted Academic Editor: Long Cheng Copyright © 2015 F. Furthermore, the development of an e-Health System involves great responsibility since people’s health and quality of life depend on the system and services offered.


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