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A broad definition of the literature review is a narrative that contains information, ideas, data, and evidence in order to illustrate how a topic has been investigated and researched in the past.A literature review is not simply a rehashing of old research, however, but is written from a particular perspective and conveyed thematically.

The interpretation could be new or could as well combine both the new and old information.The literature review could also advise the reader on the most relevant concepts depending on the situation.Literature reviews are different from other academic research papers.The rationale is usually supported by references to other works which have already identified the broad nature of the problem.To show the appropriateness of the techniques used to gather data and the methodological approaches employed.However, literature reviews, focus on doing a summary and synthesis of other people's ideas without adding any new information.Take your time and look for some of the literature reviews in your area of study and then read them carefully to get the idea of the assumptions and themes to help you organize and grasp how to format a literature review in your field of study.There are a number of different points to keep in mind when you read previous research on a topic: After reading a significant amount of literature you will likely find that it needs to be synthesized and structured in some way.This typically involves rearranging the elements derived from the analysis to identify relationships or show main organizing principles or show how these principles can be used to make a different phenomenon.Though your focus should be on scholarly outlets such as journals, newspaper stories and some types of magazine (e.g.) articles will often have thoughtful takes on a particular issue and therefore are useful to review as well, particularly at the beginning of the research process.


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